[Gtk-sharp-list] Interface concept

Joe Scaduto scooch@noggle.biz
Tue, 21 Oct 2003 19:35:56 -0400


I am designing an application and I would like to have a interface where
the main window is split into 2 separate parts.  I would have the left
most part be a column of buttons and the right most part be a scrollable
window.  Where each button represents a service of the application.  The
problem I am seeing is once a button is pressed the scrollable window is
"populated" with the correct data. 
i.e) (web log) "Post" button is pressed and the scrollable window
"populates" with an interface for adding a title and a body with a save
and cancel button     

I only wish to have one "service" available at a time.  But if the user
wishes to use another "service" the scrollable window updates itself
with the proper data.  

Essentially I want the main area of my application to change dynamically
based on what service the user wants.  (If you have Evolution....exactly
how the Shortcut Bar works with the main window)  
I am sorry if I did not explain this very well....if any knows of a
common way to do this I would appreciate any help.

Thanks Again