[Gtk-sharp-list] OT: I'm angry with this list. Or Im wrong.

Leo Spalteholz leo@spalteholz.ca
Wed, 1 Oct 2003 23:05:31 -0700

On October 1, 2003 01:57 pm, Martin Willemoes Hansen wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 22:40, Luciano Callero wrote:
> > Hello:
> > Sorry for this OT, but I need to do.
> > I'm Angry with the list members, i will explain why:
> >
> > Every time that i ask something about gtk#, I have 0 Response. This,
> > give me a the freedom to think why is that:
> > - I think that maybe this is not the list that i must belong.
> > - Maybe This is a list for only a GtkSharp Core developer, and not to
> > all of the Gtk# Developers. Like I pretend to be.
> This list can be used to ask all kinds of Gtk# questions, its true that
> a lot of development is going on as well.
> > - Maybe you have no time to response. It could happen to.
> Personally I dont have too much time, and I guess that many others dont
> have.

Yes it seems to be a simple case of the main developers just not having the 
time to answer many questions and there just aren't enough other 
developers to handle tasks like documentation and user support.  

> > - Maybe you response depending what kind of difficulty the question.
> > - Maybe I'm a horrible writting in english (this is true :) sorry)
> > - Maybe It is only fortuitousness.
> >
> > Ok, sorry for this, but you don't know how difficult it is to pass
> > from M$ to n*x for someone who really dont know anything about n*x.
> > Every time that i want to start hacking in some that is "free" i get
> > frustrated beacause i can't find the necesary documentation, or it is
> > not very clair for my. I think that this kind of lists are for this,
> > but i see that this is not.
> > (maybe i use many times maybe :D, can be)
> > I tell you this, beacause it is the only way for changing this (if you
> > want). It is true that i'm not a n*x hacker, but i'm developing in
> > about 10 years in m$, i think, that i have some knowledge to start
> > developing in mono, and i see that is good but i can't.
> >
> > Sorry. This is like a Constructive Criticism.
> Cheer up! I know how hard it is to find good information. I try to read
> the docs which are written, then read the src, then ask here. Its pretty
> hard. But it is getting better each day, more and more documentation is
> being made.

Yup, lots of the documentation either doesn't exist, is incomplete, or just 
plain doesn't work.  Thats just a part of working on a project that is 
essentially in its infancy.  The documentation linked to on the mono 
website is very bad (no offence the the authors, I intend to help out with 
that once I have some time).  Checkout the monodoc and gtk-sharp modules 
from cvs.  The documentation which is there is quite helpful.

Good luck.  I started programming with mono and GTK# a month ago and am 
going through the same thing but it gets easier all the time.