[Gtk-sharp-list] OT: I'm angry with this list. Or Im wrong.

Luciano Callero lnc19@hotmail.com
Wed, 01 Oct 2003 17:40:31 -0300

Sorry for this OT, but I need to do.
I'm Angry with the list members, i will explain why:

Every time that i ask something about gtk#, I have 0 Response. This, give me 
a the freedom to think why is that:
- I think that maybe this is not the list that i must belong.
- Maybe This is a list for only a GtkSharp Core developer, and not to all of 
the Gtk# Developers. Like I pretend to be.
- Maybe you have no time to response. It could happen to.
- Maybe you response depending what kind of difficulty the question.
- Maybe I'm a horrible writting in english (this is true :) sorry)
- Maybe It is only fortuitousness.

Ok, sorry for this, but you don't know how difficult it is to pass from M$ 
to n*x for someone who really dont know anything about n*x.
Every time that i want to start hacking in some that is "free" i get 
frustrated beacause i can't find the necesary documentation, or it is not 
very clair for my. I think that this kind of lists are for this, but i see 
that this is not.
(maybe i use many times maybe :D, can be)
I tell you this, beacause it is the only way for changing this (if you 
want). It is true that i'm not a n*x hacker, but i'm developing in about 10 
years in m$, i think, that i have some knowledge to start developing in 
mono, and i see that is good but i can't.

Sorry. This is like a Constructive Criticism.

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