[Gtk-sharp-list] Is Gda-reports supported?

Joe Mozelesky jmozelesky@netcarrier.com
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 02:39:12 -0500


Around this time last year I was looking into writing an app on Linux,
but put it off because Mono/Gtk-sharp etc. were still pretty early in
development.  Now I have become interested in this again and have been
thinking about developing a business app, and Mono and Gtk-sharp seem
pretty well along that this could actually work now.  The only issue I
would have is support for reports.  Most reports could be rendered in a
browser or PDF, but some would need to fit pre-printed forms like 1099's
(US tax form) for instance.

So, I have been poking around the Gnome sites and it seems there isn't
much out there in the way of a visual report designer.  I did find
however gda-reports, which appears provides all the back end
functionality one needs to provide rich reports as well as the ability
to embed Gnome objects (err, Bonobo objects?) in a report.

Gda-sharp is listed on the monodoc site for gtk-sharp, but I think the
monodoc on go-mono
(http://go-mono.com:8080/monodoc.ashx?link=root:/classlib-gnome) is
broken, nothing is coming up for me when I click on items in the Type
column.  I was just wondering if these bindings exist.  Actually, I am
also wondering if gda-reports is complete at all as well, all I turned
up on google are some mailing list archives from 2001 and earlier.  A
google search turned up that Gda bindings were checked in in 2002.

Of course, I could just programmatically generate all of the reports by
manually creating XML templates for gda-reports (err, I think), but the
typical end user of this type of app would need to have an easy way to
go in and tweak things, which means supplying some sort of basic visual
report designer.

So... my question is do the gda bindings include the gda-reports piece?
And secondly, is there someone else already working on something like
this, in C# using mono?  Oh, I guess I would need gnome-print too, to
print the reports...does this fall under Gtk-sharp as well?

And additionally, is it possible to allow a user to determine some
information about a gnome object (using bonobo?) like say for instance a
range of cells from Gnumeric, and then that Gnome object will render
itself embedded in a Gtk# UI, and then when printed it can supply itself
in some kind of rendered form (or is this handled by gnome-print)?
Actually a better example would be a subreport, i.e. report object
embedded in another report.

Perhaps the all the above is still quite a ways out?


Joe Mozelesky