[Gtk-sharp-list] TreeView and layout questions..

Yves Kurz yves@magnific.ch
Thu, 20 Nov 2003 10:59:38 +0100


While programming in my new favorite environment (mono/gtk#) a few questions came up. Maybe you could help me a bit.

1.) I have a TreeView with a CellRendererText column. How can i make that the renderer calls each time a function to determine if a cell is editable or not? To have a isEditable column is not enough, since it is changing all the time. 
Does the Editable attribute from CellRendererText to be set to true to be able to put a cell in editmode (manually with SetCursor)? In Case Editable must be true, how can I stop that the cell goes in edit mode when the user clicks on it?

2.) How can i connect to Gtk.Tables, so that they have the same for the first, second .. column. The reason for this is, that i would like a HIG compatible dialog which will look like this:

Top Label
  label1 | Entry1  
  label2 | Entry2
  Label3 | Entry3
Is there an other way without tables?

Thank you very much