[Gtk-sharp-list] New (stupid) application :)

Philip Van Hoof me@freax.org
Tue, 11 Nov 2003 15:59:19 +0100

Hi there,

Two weeks ago two friends on mine asked me whether I could learn them
about C# and Gtk-Sharp. During the same time I was reading the website
of Fedora which claimed that there was not a dhcpd.conf GUI available
yet. So I decided to teach them gtk-sharp by real-life example: I let
them build (with my help of course) a SharpDhcpdConf GUI :)

I've finished a dhcpd.conf parser and made a glade-2 file. They
connected the events and some widgets and thats where the project is at
this moment. We have now plans to finish it to something that is
actually usefull.

Because the project is for educational purposes (and, perhaps, for
actual use later) I want it to be as perfect as possible. So far the
build procedure its as perfect as I can get it. It would be great if
other people, with better knowledge of stuff like autoconf than me,
could take a look at it. Perhaps create patches and help me and those
friends of mine to create a complete gtk-sharp application.

With complete I mean: 
- Multi languages support (po)
- A correct build procedure with automake/autogen/autoconf
- The right files in CVS, the right files in .cvsignore
- The correct programming methods for
  - Glade-Sharp
  - OO techniques and GUI programming with Gtk-Sharp
  - HIG correct

Basically I want this application to be as correct as humanly possible
and I want it to be like a sample application for Gtk-Sharp projects. So
that I can use it to teach people how to actually correctly prepare and
create Gtk-Sharp projects succesfully.


On the URL you can find information about how to checkout the sources as
anonymous user from the CVS. If you want me to create a writable
account, then first send me some patches as prove that you are actually
going to use it professionally :-), and not to add a bulkload of warez
on my cvs repos.

Philip Van Hoof, Software Developer @ Cronos
home: me at freax dot org
work: Philip dot VanHoof at cronos dot be
http://www.freax.be, http://www.freax.eu.org