[Gtk-sharp-list] Combo + Entry.Activated

Kris Luyten kris.luyten@luc.ac.be
Mon, 10 Nov 2003 02:41:32 +0100


if I understand correctly, when another string in a combo widget is
selected, this can be detected by Combo.Entry.Activated

I tried the example code from the monodocs
(http://www.go-mono.com:8080/monodoc.ashx?tlink=4@ecma%3A761%23Combo%2F), but when I choose another string in the combo box, nothing is written on the Console.

I thought the following code would write the selected string to the
console every time another string is selected in the combo widget?
combo.Entry.Activated += new EventHandler (OnEntryActivated);
void OnEntryActivated (object o, EventArgs args)
		Console.WriteLine (combo.Entry.Text);

If I am wrong, what is the correct event to detect when another string is 
choosen in the combo widget?

Kris Luyten