[Gtk-sharp-list] GPE on OpenZaurus soon - openembedded

Noli.Sicad@csiro.au Noli.Sicad@csiro.au
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 13:25:04 +1100

GPE on OpenZaurus soon - openembedded

So you can have gtk# in OpenZaurus, if you will be working on it :-)

Thanks, Noli

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Subject: RE: [Gtk-sharp-list] RE: [Familiar] Announcement: Portable.Net
on Familiar Linux - C#

>Subject: Re: [Gtk-sharp-list] RE: [Familiar] Announcement: Portable.Net
>on Familiar Linux - C#


>I don't know of any of the Gtk# developers has a
>a iPaq running Familiar.  And thus, I don't
>think any of the Gtk# developers has that, as
>a development environment, available to them.

>I'm sure if someone wants to donate one of these
>devices (with everything already set up) to one
>of the developers, then we could produce releases
>for Familiar too.  (But that depends on someone
>choosing to do that.)

You don't need to have a Ipaq or Sharp Zaurus to develop Mono or Gtk# for
Familiar Linux and OpenZaurus.


It is crosscompiling (development is done x86 for arm platform).
Here is instruction howto:

GPE is here: http://gpe.handhelds.org/index.shtml

>Alternatively, one could always just try compiling
>Gtk# from the source code (on a iPaq running Familiar).

It is not advisable to compile in Ipaq but probably can be done. As
explained above.

I hope we can have mono packages on Familiar soon.

Pnet ilrun screenshot in Familiar here: http://wiki.dotgnu.org/PortableNet

Thanks, Noli