[Gtk-sharp-list] Windows Gtk# Appearance

Charles Iliya Krempeaux charles@reptile.ca
26 Mar 2003 10:17:25 -0800


One of the problems with Gtk#, from a usability stand point is that
it often looks different than the native applications.

Well, here's something that we can use to make the Windows version
of Gtk# look like (whichever version of) Windows (that you are using).

    Gtk Windows Impersonator

Here's some screenshots:


What it basically does is make Gtk look like whichever version
of Windows it is running on.  On Win XP, it even using the Win XP 
theming API.  (If you switch you Win XP theme... then it will
switch with all the rest of the Windows.)

I think it would be really nice if the Windows packages for Gtk#
included this.

In case anyone is interested, the original article I saw this
in was:


See ya

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