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Patrik Olterman patrik@olterman.pp.se
26 Mar 2003 15:20:47 +0100

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Point taken :)=20

a) is there a repository for example code that I can upload my examples
to and download well documented examples from=20

b) how do I go about to get my reository "under the mono umbrella"

On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 11:22, Richard Torkar wrote:
> Hi Patrik,
> this sounds really good but isn't there a place were all this should go?
> The Mono Tutorial at go-mono.org might be a good idea?
> Otherwise if we need a gtk# specific site we should set one up, in that
> case your site might be a first step towards "Gtk# super site" or
> whatever :)
> What I'm afraid of in this case is the standard open source behaviour of
> yet-another-(put your favourite site or app here). I for one, and I
> think others might agree, want _one_ place to go to pick up eveything
> that falls under the Mono-umbrella :)
> Very much like msdn (forgive me for bringing it up) but better. :)
> /Richard
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