[Gtk-sharp-list] Bonobo dock in gnome app

Michael Meeks michael@ximian.com
24 Mar 2003 14:04:32 +0000

Hi George,

On Sun, 2003-03-23 at 23:01, George Farris wrote:
> I need to get to the [GladeWidget] of type BonoboDockItem, is there
> currently anyway to do this?  Something in CVS maybe?

	Why do you need to get at it ?

	The whole Bonobo UI API esp. in this area is designed to very, very
carefully restrict what you can do, and stop you doing things that will
break badly in the future.

	Inasmuch that that's the case - you really don't want to be poking at
that DockItem directly IMHO. The standard way to affect the UI is to
push XML at the associated BonoboUIContainer.



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