[Gtk-sharp-list] [Patch] gnome/Program.custom

Charles Iliya Krempeaux charles@reptile.ca
19 Mar 2003 22:09:59 -0800


On Wed, 2003-03-19 at 19:26, Mike Kestner wrote:
> Hi Charles,
> Sorry about the delay in review.   
> Thinking about it a bit more, there's no reason this stuff can't be
> added at the Gtk level so that all Gtk# apps can use it.  I would prefer
> to see the default delete handler stuff moved to Gtk.Window.  
> The Run overload can go directly on Gtk.Application. 
> Feel free to commit with those changes.

I was actually planning on making a Patch for Gtk.Application next.

But, just adding the new Run() procedure to Gtk.Application will
NOT make it available to Gnome.Program.

(Since Gnome.Program is NOT a subclass of Gtk.Application.)

IMO, a developer should use Gnome.Program (if the are
writing a GNOME application) xor Gtk.Application (if
they are writing a Gtk application.  (But not both.)

So... what do you think about adding the new Run() method
to both Gtk.Application and Gnome.App ???

See ya

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