[Gtk-sharp-list] GladeWidget attribute renaming.

Charles Iliya Krempeaux charles@reptile.ca
13 Mar 2003 15:29:47 -0800


On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 09:33, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>     I would like to rename `GladeWidgetAttribute' to `WidgetAttribute',
> because it is already part of the Glade namespace.    Ie, currently
> without using statements you end up with:
> 	[Glade.GladeWidget]
> 	Gtk.Widget blah;
>     We could do this by having first a `WidgetAttribute', and allowing
> the use of `GladeWidget' and `Widget' for now, but moving towards
> deprecating GladeWidget in the future.
>     Comments?

I'm for it.

I personally prefer using full namespace names.  I.e., I prefer using
stuff like:

    Gtk.App app;

As opposed to:

    using Gtk;

    // ...

    App app;

(I like being able to tell where things are coming from and
what things belong to at a glace.)

See ya

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