[Gtk-sharp-list] g_signal_connect_data flags again

Petr Danecek danecek@ucl.cas.cz
12 Mar 2003 15:05:43 +0100

i was thinking about how to enable signal connecting with other
GConnectFlags values than the default value 0.

two possible ways come to my mind:

- with every event (such as "insert-text" in TextBuffer, for instance),
we can generate extra handler. 
for instance, apart from InsertText we would have also InsertTextAfter.
the GtkSharp.xxxSignal constructor would have another parameter
telling how to connect the signal. both event handlers would call the
constructor with different values.

- other possibility is to create an extra property signalnameFlags which
could be set either to After or Before. the event would call the
GtkSharp.xxxSignal constructor with current value of signalnameFlags

what solution do you like more? maybe there is yet another approach to the