[Gtk-sharp-list] One Simple Cuestion, TextView

Daniel Morgan danmorg@sc.rr.com
Wed, 5 Mar 2003 18:27:23 -0500

To insert a line of text:

string myText = "blah, blah, blah\n";
myTextBuffer.Insert (sqlTextBuffer.EndIter, myText, myText.Length);

To clear:

sqlTextBuffer.Delete (myTextBuffer.StartIter, myTextBuffer.EndIter);

I'm not sure how to get the TextBuffer from the TextView:
TextBuffer myTextBuffer = myTextView.Buffer;

I'm not sure how to get the TextBuffer from glade since I don't use it.

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Hi guys, I'm new to GTK, I've try GTK+, GTK-- and Mono and believe me,
mono is the best, but not full documented yet, that's why i'm asking

I'm using Glade to make de GUI and make my program.cs to import it the
same way "Lee Mallabone" do.

Now I have two TreeView and one TextView on a form, my question is how
can I write something on the TextView, and how to clean it.


Jorge Martin <explorer@cwp.net.pa>

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