[Gtk-sharp-list] Bonobo? CORBA?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
04 Mar 2003 16:38:10 -0500


> GNOME 2.0 seems to make alot of use of Bonobo (and thus CORBA).  (Now,
> it is not that I fully know the Bonobo API, but...) isn't this
> going to be a problem (that we need to solve)?  Don't we need to
> figure out a way to deal with Bonobo (and CORBA)?

There are a number of components in the equation:

	* CORBA is basically an RPC system.

	* Bonobo is a set of interfaces layered on top of the
	  CORBA system, and has some "sugar" to simplify the 
	  implementation of those interfaces.

Some people are looking at binding some of the "sugar" in Bonobo, that
will allow a great deal of interoperability, but will not let you
"author" new components in CORBA easily.

To "author" new components, you really want to have a CORBA
binding/implementation.  One option is to use the ORBit ABI that Michael
talked about, and do some creative binding to .NET;  Another one is to
write/port a Java ORB to .NET