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Charles Iliya Krempeaux charles@reptile.ca
01 Mar 2003 21:13:08 -0800

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I've updated "sources/README".  When I was figuring out the
Gtk# source tree... I thought that this file should contain
this information.  (So I've included it.)

A Patch is attached to this message.  (A ChangeLog entry
is included in the Patch.)

See ya

     Charles Iliya Krempeaux, BSc

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Index: ChangeLog
RCS file: /mono/gtk-sharp/ChangeLog,v
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diff -u -r1.342 ChangeLog
--- ChangeLog	28 Feb 2003 22:52:28 -0000	1.342
+++ ChangeLog	2 Mar 2003 05:06:00 -0000
@@ -1,3 +1,10 @@
+2003-03-01  Charles Iliya Krempeaux  <charles@reptile.ca>
+	* sources/README : Updated it to include mention of GStreamer
+	  and librsvg.  Also mentioned being able to use
+	  "make get-source-code" to get the source code too.
+	  Then added alot of content.
 2003-02-28  Miguel de Icaza  <miguel@ximian.com>
 	* glue/widget.c (gtksharp_gtk_widget_get_window): Fix.  Return the
Index: sources/README
RCS file: /mono/gtk-sharp/sources/README,v
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-Put source modules here to parse for the gtkapi.xml file.
-Directories are now listed in gtk-sharp.sources, you need to update this w=
-adding an API.
-Currently supported:
-  * you need gdkpixbuf*.[ch] from gdk/ symlinked into gdk-pixbuf/
-gtkhtml: cvs branch gnome-2-port files gtkhtml.[ch], gtkhtml-types.h,
-	gtkhtml-enums.h, gtkhtml-stream.[ch]
+The contents of this directory are (basically) the first step
+in creating .NET bindings, to libraries based on GObject.
+    Edit the .metadata file(s), then do a:
+        make get-source-code
+        make
+    You only have to do a "make get-source-code" once!  After
+    you have run "make get-source-code" once, do the following...
+    Edit the .metadata file(s), then do a:
+        make
+    Note, these instructions only generate XML files in the "api"
+    directory.  To turn those XML files (in the "api" directory)
+    into C# code; and then turn that C# code into a .DLL, you'll
+    need to perform extra steps, which are NOT described in this
+    document.
+    (If you are going to create a new .NET binding, then you will need
+    to do more than just this.)
+    This directory is essentially the "starting point" in the creation
+    of a .NET binding.  Most people can safely ignore it.  (If all
+    you want to do is build Gtk#, then you can ignore what's in this
+    directory.)
+    This directory is not part of the normal "build process" for Gtk#.
+    But is instead used by people wishing to update an existing .NET
+    binding; or to create a new .NET binding (for a GObject based library)=
+    The result of running "make" on this directory (once everything
+    is set up) are the XML files that you find in the "api" directory.
+    (Those XML files, that you find in the "api" directory,  are then used
+    to generate the C# code.  And then that C# code is used to create
+    the various .DLL files.)
+    Before you can do anything here, you need to get the source
+    code to the various libraries (which you are generating .NET
+    bindings for).  And then do a little configuring.  The current
+    list of libraries that Gtk# supports is:
+        glib-2.0.3
+        pango-1.0.3
+        atk-1.0.2
+        gtk+-2.0.5
+          * you need gdkpixbuf*.[ch] from gdk/ symlinked into gdk-pixbuf/
+        libgnome-2.0.1
+        libgnomecanvas-2.0.1
+        libgnomeui-2.0.1
+        gtkhtml: cvs branch gnome-2-port files gtkhtml.[ch], gtkhtml-types=
+                 gtkhtml-enums.h, gtkhtml-stream.[ch]
+        libglade-2.0.0
+        libart_lgpl-2.3.10
+        libgda-0.10.0
+        libgnomedb-0.10.0
+        gstreamer-0.4.2
+        librsvg-2.0.1
+    (If you create a new binding, that is part of Gtk#, be sure to add it
+    to this list.  Also, you'll need to add an entry in "gtk-sharp.sources=
+    And you should add it to the "makefile" so that it is part of the
+    "get-source-code" rule.)
+    (There are two ways to get this source code.  As you will see in the
+    next section.)
+    To set things up, you need to get the source code to the libraries lis=
+    above.  There are two (alternate) methods of doing this.
+        Method 1)
+            Download it.  Unpack the source code (if necessary).  Then do =
the extra
+            cofiguration stuff listed above.
+        Method 2)
+            Run:
+                make get-source-code
+    (Method 2 is probably the easiest way to do it for most people.  It au=
+    goes and downloads everything you need.  And configures everything for=
+    Part of updating a .NET binding involves editing a .metadata file. =20
+    (Assuming you already have the required source code, to the
+    libraries...) once you update a binding, you then run:
+        make
+    ...to create the new updated XML file(s) that will be placed in the "a=
+    directory.