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It still doesn't work........
Well, another question, cant' we use the system.drawing.graphics
included in
the Framework to draw on GTK# things ? (I tested with a window but it
that this method is not implemented) I thought it was possible because
GTK#'s window have a handle too...
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> On Sun, 2003-06-22 at 11:09, Benjamin D. wrote:
> >
> > Btn.Style = New Gtk.Style
> I strongly suspect this is the problem. Overriding widget styles is a
> somewhat advanced use of Gtk+. Try removing it and see if that works.
> Additionally, as you call Win.ShowAll after adding the button to the
> window, it is not necessary to call either Btn.Show or Btn.ShowAll.
> You can find links to documentation at
> http://www.nullenvoid.com/gtksharp/wiki/index.php/DocLinks .
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