[Gtk-sharp-list] Signal handlers and the out keyword:

Mark Crichton crichton@gimp.org
Wed, 4 Jun 2003 13:55:07 -0400

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Ok, so I have a signal handler defined with the following XML api:

<signal name="NewWindow" cname="new_window" when="FIRST">
   <return-type type="void"/>
       <parameter type="GtkMozEmbed*" name="embed"/>
       <parameter type="GtkMozEmbed**" name="newEmbed" pass_as="out"/>
       <parameter type="guint" name="chromemask"/>

Now, the generator produces the following in NewWindowHandler.cs:

namespace GtkMozEmbedSharp {

        using System;

        public delegate void NewWindowHandler(object o, NewWindowArgs args);

        public class NewWindowArgs : GtkSharp.SignalArgs {
                public GtkMozEmbed.EmbedWidget NewEmbed{
                        get {
                                return (GtkMozEmbed.EmbedWidget) Args[0];

                public uint Chromemask{
                        get {
                                return (uint) Args[1];


Not right at all.  I need a set method.  Should I just hand code this?

Another problem that I've run into is that GtkMozEmbed.EmbedWidget is
NULL when the signal is thrown.  I have to put a widget into this as a
return value of sorts.

I'm trying to find a way to avoid hacking gtk internals to get this to
work, since I apparently get my patches into mozilla proper.

I can't think of any other GTK+ widgets that behave this way off the
top of my head.  Anyone had to deal with one like this, and have a way
around it?


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