[Gtk-sharp-list] html example

John Luke jluke@cfl.rr.com
15 Jul 2003 21:27:29 -0400

On Tue, 2003-07-15 at 11:03, Mike Kestner wrote:
> Hmmm, nice little program.  My current thinking is that it would be
> better to somehow tie these types of focused samples into the docs than
> just to have them sitting in a sample dir for people to stumble across. 
> Perhaps you could hook it into the Gtk.HTML docs instead?

I was thinking that gtk-sharp/samples would have more general examples,
and that I could use parts of it in the monodoc Gtk.HTML class.  I'm not
sure that it would be the best example of general use of Gtk.HTML to be
used as a whole, although in general you are right.  I would rather have
a more direct example in the docs.

As others mentioned, there is some overlap/missing of examples, and this
kind of sucks when something in the api changes (like the TreeView) and
examples must be changed in multiple places.
1. Monodoc
2. Handbook
3. gtk-sharp/sample
4. wiki maybe

My preference would be that examples that are "whole" be included in
gtk-sharp/example directory, and then fit into Monodoc (and the
handbook?) as appropriate.  This is necessary as not everyone has
monodoc installed, but will hopefully soon be solved with the web

Also, I wouldn't mind documenting Gtk.HTML some more but I was never
able to find the original docs for it, anyone know of any in any
(computer) language for gtkhtml3?