[Gtk-sharp-list] Problems with Gtk# 0.10 installer for Windows

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
02 Jul 2003 11:21:19 -0400


> Valid point. But the installer allows you to select any installation 
> location for the assemblies (at least I designed it that way ;-). Mono's 
> directory was choose 'cause I don't know a good way to tell Mono to 
> search assemblies outside of it's installation directory. Ok. There is 
> the MONO_PATH variable? But how to set this variable on the Windows 
> platform? C:\autoexec.bat munging? Behave! Well, maybe there is a hidden 
> registry entry to modify the default environment I'm not aware of.

Could we get patches to use the registry, like your Gtk# patches do?

> This is a really sensible point. Personally I also prefer a package 
> oriented installation scheme - as we know it from Unix. So I that's what 
> I did with the first versions of the 0.10 installer. But then I was told 
> from different sides that the Gtk+ runtime should be included sind 
> "Windows users don't like it to run four  installers (.NET/Mono, Gtk+, 
> Gtk#, $APPLICATION) to get a single application running". So what's the 
> right way to do this? Gtk# installer with Gtk+ runtime? Gtk# installer 
> depending on the Gtk+ runtime installer? Both flavors and let the users 
> vote (for instance by measuring download rates)?

Gtk# with Gtk runtime.  Most people trying out Gtk# have never heard of
Gtk before.  It is not like the Unix world, where Gtk is ubiquitous.  So
we should make things simple for users, so we get more momentum behind
using Gtk#.