[Gtk-sharp-list] Accessing values from TreeView with mouseclick?

Christian Rudh chrru169@student.liu.se
31 Jan 2003 11:38:35 +0100


I am using GTK# for a project at my university and I really like it. But
I have stumbled upon a problem I can't seem to solve by going through
all source of gtk# applications I have found or by reading the
So I'll try here:

I have a TreeView that uses a ListStore:

Store = new ListStore((int)GLib.TypeFundamentals.TypeString,

tv = new TreeView(Store);

And I have added two columns to the TreeView and made them use the two
positions from the ListStore, so when I do this:

Store.SetValue(iter, 0, new GLib.Value ("column0"));
Store.SetValue(iter, 1, new GLib.Value ("column1"));

the walues appear in the TreeView.

Now to the question: How can I access these values by single- and
doubleclicking in the appropriate cell?

Christian Rudh <chrru169@student.liu.se>