[Gtk-sharp-list] question about portability

Matt Zyzik chiefdreegfleer@methodus2000.com
27 Jan 2003 14:44:03 -0500

I am developing a P2P app in C#.
Currently, the entire app is using SWF for its GUI.

Now I know I would like my software to be running on Mac OSX and Linux.
I can wait until System.Windows.Forms is ported completely to Linux or I
can simply make another GUI for the app quickly in GTK#. I think the
best idea would be to make it in GTK# and ensure its portability among
platforms. But how portable is it?

My questions are as follows:

1. Is this a reasonable move?
2. Since all this GTK-OSX crap came out, will GTK# run on Mac OSX? Has
anyone been able to run a GTK# app on a mac?