[Gtk-sharp-list] Row Header for GTK# GtkTreeView/ListStore

Daniel Morgan danmorg@sc.rr.com
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 04:56:03 -0500

How I would I create a row header in gtk# for a GtkTreeView using a
ListStore model?

A row header would have the same style like the column header, for instance,
if the column header was grayed and 3D raised, the row header would too.
The row header would be used for status to indicate the row added, changed,
or marked for deletion.
The status is just an indicator, its up to the application programmer to do
something with that indicator.  I would use this in database applications
where data needs to be displayed to the user in rows and columns.

I heard I would need to create a cell renderer for this.  How do I do this
in Gtk#?

I also heard this seemed like a spreadsheet like GtkSheet.  However, I don't
think GtkSheet is part of base gtk+ 2.x.  Also, I'm not looking for
spreadsheet functionality - just the ability to view and edit tabular rows
and columns of data and indicate to the user when a row has been added,
changed, or marked for deletion.