[Gtk-sharp-list] FAQ hits the website

Charles Iliya Krempeaux charles@reptile.ca
08 Jan 2003 22:57:07 -0800

Hello Mike,

On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 21:43, Mike Kestner wrote:


> I'm tempted to stay away from more general .Net on linux questions like
> this, or we'll end up with a FAQ as long as the MS docs.  :)  I haven't
> really heard this question coming up related to Gtk#. Was this something
> you struggled with in getting up and running?

No.  But it is something I've had others ask me (face to face).
(I've been introducing Gtk# to others.  We're planning to use
it for some of our consulting work.  And for some of our new

>From my conversations with others, I know that not everyone will
join a mailing list, and ask for help, when they need help.
Many people will just give up.  (And some that join the mailing
list will just lurk, and never say anything.)

Those two questions are the most basic questions a novice software
developer will ask.  Even experienced software developers, who
have only ever used Graphical IDE's will likely ask at least one
of those questions.

> Perhaps this might be
> confusing from the perspective of someone coming to linux from a Windows
> .Net background that's used to just typing 'program', or clicking an
> icon.

Yes, these people are Windows people who I've introduced to Linux.

(I've been a Linux person for about 7 years now.)

But I think it is important to keep in mind that there are software
developer at various different levels of "Linux Knowledge".  IMO,
it would be a good idea to provide information that will help software
developers at all levels.  (So that we don't have people being turned
away because they became frustrated because they couldn't figure out
the most basic things.)

> I'm hoping the mono/p.net projects will be fielding most of these
> types of FAQs for us, but if others think this was challenging to
> overcome I can certainly add it to the faq. :)

Well, if that is the case, then I'd suggest that we give pointers
to their FAQ.  Maybe saying something like: "if you need more help,
refer to the Mono FAQ and Portable.NET FAQ".  (And give links to them.)

But IMO, giving that very basic info is important.  Maybe we need
a "Gtk# for Dummies" style guide, to "hold people's hand".  (Generally,
with the people I know, when they get frustrated with some Linux stuff,
they come and ask me, and I help them.  But I know that not everyone
will have someone to turn to.  And having the basic info online
will help.)

See ya

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