[Gtk-sharp-list] Possible improvements to gtk#

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
03 Jan 2003 20:48:32 -0500

I read the following comment on the GUI tool for the Mono coverage
analysis tool, it seems like a nice starting point to add some
customizations to Gtk#:

// GTK# impressions:
//  - there are no convinience functions, like new FooWidget (parent)
//  - the generated sources are hard to read because the API functions are
//    mixed with internal functions, export directives etc.
//  - the app is slow to start up, slower than Qt#. Afterwards, it is faster.
//  - the open file dialog requires 30 lines in Gtk#, and 2 lines in Qt#
//    (and it prints a lot of gtk warnings !)
//  - how to set a file name filter in FileSelection(Dialog)

I think point #2 could be fixed by doing a:

	#region Auto-generated code.

	#region Customized extensions

As well as having the documentation in place (Duncan and myself have a
few tools to help this happen).