[Gtk-sharp-list] Win32 gnome support and tables

Daniel Morgan danmorg@sc.rr.com
Thu, 2 Jan 2003 10:50:51 -0500

gtk# and gtk+ 2.0 and dependencies like glib 2.0, atk 1.0, and pango 1.0
work on Linux and Windows.

GNOME 2.0 does not work on Windows.

What do you mean table?  Do you mean the Gtk.Table which is the gtk# binding
to gtk_table.  or you interested in something like a DataGrid?

The Gtk.Table is a container widget like a VBox and HBox used for laying out
of widgets in a window.

If you are interested in something like a DataGrid, then you need to take a
look at the TreeView/ListStore/TreeIter generated files in gtk#.   The
TreeView uses a MVC model.
There is a TreeView sample demo in gtk-sharp/sample.   However, it uses a
TreeStore TreeModel.  You are interested in the ListStore TreeModel.

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Happy new year! I have two newbie questions:
# Are the gnome/pango/atk libraries supported under Win32? I am using Gnome
on Linux right now, but it would be nice to code the app in such a way that
it also would be usable under Win32. I guess this depends on the porting of
the underlying c-libs to Win32 ...
# There must be a reason, why GTK (and therefore gtk-#) does not come with a
table widget. Could someone please point me to some place, where a table
implementation using either GTK or gtk-# is discussed/shown/implemented?

Best regards ... Rick

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