[Gtk-sharp-list] Anyone Interested in a GTK# Forum.

Peter peter@serendipity.co.za
Sun, 23 Feb 2003 00:53:56 -0000

I think while the project is still growing we would just use a php/mysql
forum solution it would just be a nice way of doing a lot of needed
questions and answer sections that currently are flowing in the mailing
list. I was just looking at the grow of the mailing list in the last few
months and it is growing tremedously quickly.

A forum that contained ordered sections for the various problems people are
currently experiencing:

    1) General Information
    2) Installation Problems / Errors
    3) Compile Problems / Errors
    4) Programming / API Questions and Answers
    5) User Tutorials / Quickstarts / Source Code

The initial board setup easy however if the project continues to grow at the
rate it has been moderators will be needed ofcourse.

Pleaes provide other ideas if still interested.

Piotr Stulinski

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> Hello!
> > I have been looking at the content of the mailing list for the past
> > few weeks and it seems there is a lot of interesting code comming in
> > and out of the forums. Also a lot of questions / solutions are comming
> > in and out however all this data is being lost in the archieves as
> > they grow. As well as any code samples that people submit these are
> > lot within the archieves.
> >
> > I am interested in starting a forum where uses can post Q / A type
> > questions... sort of what they have at www.ASP.NET . Just so that we
> > can store a lot more of the code comming through as well as have a
> > nice searchable archieve of information.
> >
> > If you think this is feasible please reply ;-)
> What would you use to host the Forum?
> I am personally interested in seeing open source controls that can be
> used to create something like the Microsoft ASP.NET Forum (and of
> course, host it on Mono/Postgress or Mono/MySQL).
> Miguel.