[Gtk-sharp-list] Anyone Interested in a GTK# Forum.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
22 Feb 2003 18:54:25 -0500


> I think while the project is still growing we would just use a php/mysql
> forum solution it would just be a nice way of doing a lot of needed
> questions and answer sections that currently are flowing in the mailing
> list. I was just looking at the grow of the mailing list in the last few
> months and it is growing tremedously quickly.
> A forum that contained ordered sections for the various problems people are
> currently experiencing:
> Eg:
>     1) General Information
>     2) Installation Problems / Errors
>     3) Compile Problems / Errors
>     4) Programming / API Questions and Answers
>     5) User Tutorials / Quickstarts / Source Code
> The initial board setup easy however if the project continues to grow at the
> rate it has been moderators will be needed ofcourse.

A piece of software that we desperately need is one to manage the
documentation process.   How can people "register" for authoring a
class, and allow others to see who is working on what, and so on.

Our current effort is being hampered by lack of good tools.  We are
currently using a bugzilla bug to track things, and we depend on people
posting there or on the mailing lists things like `Am doing XXX' 

Such a site would help here.  A feature we could implement is a
`timeout' feature.  In which we would return to the pool of undocumented
classes those that have been claimed, but never contributed to.