[Gtk-sharp-list] TreeView, YES!!!

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
22 Feb 2003 14:42:51 -0500

Hello George,

> OK I finally had time to sit down and read the entire gtk document on
> treeview, treemodel, treeselection, treepath and treeiter.  It all makes
> sense now.  I was reading bits and pieces and thought from code segments
> in various pieces of software I could figure it out but..

Now that you have gained this insight into the family of classes that
related to the TreeView, could I talk you into providing the
documentation for these clases in gtk#?

The documentation today has been generated by a stub-generator, and
contains no text.  The files live in:


One .xml file per class.   You can find an introduction to documenting
it in:


And Duncan has been assembling suggestions and patches in: