[Gtk-sharp-list] Some stupid Questions?

u900842@oz.nthu.edu.tw u900842@oz.nthu.edu.tw
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 16:15:00 +0800 (CST)

Hi all:
  I am new in .net and gtk programing. When I checking the source in glib/Boxed.cs
I find a Constructor like               
public Boxed (object o)
    this.obj = obj;
Is that right? or is my misunderstanding....

And ,Why can't I find some source about Gtk.Calendar, Gtk.Button...?

Last When I create a Gtk.Calendar and use it's method "GetDate(year, month, day)" 
,But I find the value of them are all not changed.. Why?

Thanks for spending your time.