[Gtk-sharp-list] diff: gnome/Program.custom

Charles Iliya Krempeaux charles@reptile.ca
13 Feb 2003 12:06:40 -0800

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Here's an update for the "gnome/Program.custom" file.  It
makes "Run()" and "Quit()" virtual methods (so that you
can override them).

(You many or may not want to commit it to the Gtk# CVS repository.)

This is useful for doing object oriented development.  By making
those methods virtual, you can override them, and make "drop in"
replacements for Gnome.Program.  (I.e., you get polymorphism.)

I ran it through "diff" and a diff file, for "gnome/Program.custom"
is attached to this message, and named "Program.custom.diff".  And,
for your convenience, the whole (updated) file is attached to this
message too.  (And, of course, has been named "Program.custom".)

See ya

     Charles Iliya Krempeaux, BSc

 Reptile Consulting & Services    604-REPTILE    http://www.reptile.ca/

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< public void Run ()
> public virtual void Run ()
< public void Quit ()
> public virtual void Quit ()

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// Gnome.Program.custom - Gnome Program class customizations
// Author: Rachel Hestilow <hestilow@ximian.com>
// Copyright (C) 2002 Rachel Hestilow
// This code is inserted after the automatically generated code.
static extern void g_type_init ();

struct PropertyArg {
        public string name;
        public IntPtr value;

static extern System.IntPtr
gtksharp_gnome_program_init (string app_id, string app_version, ref ModuleI=
nfo module, int argc, string[] argv, int
nargs, PropertyArg[] args);

public Program (string app_id, string app_version, ModuleInfo module,
                string[] argv, params object[] props)
        int nargs =3D props.Length / 2;
        PropertyArg[] args =3D new PropertyArg[nargs];
        GLib.Value[] vals =3D new GLib.Value[nargs];
        string[] new_argv =3D new string[argv.Length + 1];
        g_type_init ();

        for (int i =3D 0; i < nargs; i++)
                args[i].name =3D (string) props[i * 2];
                GLib.Value value;
                // FIXME: handle more types
                object prop =3D props[i * 2 + 1];
                Type type =3D prop.GetType ();
                if (type =3D=3D "hello".GetType ())
                        value =3D new GLib.Value ((string) prop);
                else if (type =3D=3D true.GetType ())
                        value =3D new GLib.Value ((bool) prop);
                        value =3D null;
                vals[i] =3D value;
                args[i].value =3D value.Handle;=20
        /* FIXME: Is there a way to access this in .NET? */=20
        new_argv[0] =3D app_id;
        Array.Copy (argv, 0, new_argv, 1, argv.Length);
        Raw =3D gtksharp_gnome_program_init (app_id, app_version, ref modul=
e, new_argv.Length, new_argv, nargs, args);

        // Dynamically reset the signal handlers, because Gnome overwrites =
        Type mono_runtime_type =3D Type.GetType ("Mono.Runtime");
        if (mono_runtime_type !=3D null){
                object [] iargs =3D new object [0];
                System.Reflection.MethodInfo mi =3D mono_runtime_type.GetMe=
thod ("InstallSignalHandlers");
                mi.Invoke (null, iargs);

public virtual void Run ()
        Gtk.Application.Run ();

public virtual void Quit ()
        Gtk.Application.Quit ();