[Gtk-sharp-list] Mono/Gtk/GUI HOWTO

David Ludlow dave@mynamehere.com
07 Feb 2003 23:44:03 -0500

Last week I stumbled onto the Mono project for the first time. 
Intrigued, I began to play.  3 days later, I had muddled through to the
point of getting my first GUI "Hello World" to run on Linux.

3 days is far too long, and so I wrote a HOWTO to help the next poor
curious soul get from zero to GUI in no time.


Input is appreciated.  I'm totally new to C#, so I expect that I've got
some bad form and/or blatant lies included.

Thanks to all the developers out there!

David Ludlow <dave@adsllc.com>
Advanced Digital Services LLC