[Gtk-sharp-list] bug: Removing event handlers

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier gonzalo@ximian.com
05 Feb 2003 21:31:05 +0100

El jue, 06-02-2003 a las 01:38, Lee Mallabone escribió:
> I've applied this patch to my local copy of Gtk# 0.7, done a 'make clean' and rebuilt/reinstalled, but the problem seems to remain.
> My eventtest.cs still fires both event handlers...
> Do I need to be running the cvs version of gtk-sharp for the patch to take proper effect?

Look in gtk/generated/Button.cs. If the Clicked event is not the same as
i put in the previous mail, run 'touch api/*.xml; make clean && make &&
make install'.

I've tested it with current CVS and it works.