[Gtk-sharp-list] libegg

Rachel Hestilow hestilow@ximian.com
03 Feb 2003 18:13:53 -0600

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Short answer: No, not ever.

Long answer:
libegg is explicitly unstable, and should not be distributed in shared
library form. Generally speaking, apps wishing to depend on experimental
libegg functionality copy in known working sources of the objects they
depend upon. It is already relatively easy to use the bindings generator
independently of Gtk#, so there's nothing stopping developers from
installing a *private* shared lib of the egg objects they use, and
setting up a binding internally in their project.

-- Rachel

On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 17:45, George Farris wrote:
> Any chance of including libegg in the next release of gtk#?  It would be
> really handy.
> --=20
> George Farris <farrisg@mala.bc.ca>
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