[Gtk-sharp-list] emit_stop_by_name()

Dag Wieers dag@wieers.com
Sat, 23 Aug 2003 06:43:09 +0200 (CEST)


I'm looking for the Gtk-sharp equivalent of emit_stop_by_name(). As I want 
to try the following solution for the annoying Gnome.About problem:


Jon Willeke took the time to point out that in the case of GnomeAbout, to 
avoid having a window be destroyed when you close it, you need to also 
connect to the "response" handler:

  def on_about1_response( dialog, arg1, *args ):
     # system-defined GtkDialog responses are always negative, in which    
     # case we want to hide it
     if arg1 < 0:
       dialog.emit_stop_by_name( 'response' )

To keep the dialog from destroying itself you need to define a 
"delete-event" handler that returns True and define a "response" handler 
that stops emission of the signal.

Thanks in advance,
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