[Gtk-sharp-list] Glade, Gtk, Questions..

Luciano Callero lnc19@hotmail.com
Wed, 13 Aug 2003 09:46:39 -0300

I'm working on my Red-Hat 9 with Mono - Glade And Gtk#.

I have an "MDI" Window, and It start some other Form (Modal). I have some 
like this:

class A

             static void Main()
                            Glade.XML gXML = Glade.XML(null, "My.glade", 
"wndContainer", null)
                            gXML.Autoconnect(this); // I don't know why i 
put this and why here, but I do.:)
           public void on_SomeObjectSendEvent_clicked(System.Object Sender, 
EventArgs args)
                           B x = new B();
                          Console.WriteLine("This is Executed After Show, 
but Class B is present to");

class B
                 public int Show()
                              Glade.XML gDialog = Glade.XML(null, 
"My.glade", "wndDialog", null);
                              Console.WriteLine("This Execute and End");

I need to Execute B.Show() method, but i need that Flow Program does not 
return really after execute, I need to execute this window, and when The 
Window ends this program continue.

Thanks A lot, I cant find other help, there is no "Real Help" on web sites.

Off Topic question:
I can't execute a window made with glade with On a Fixed Box and inside i 
put a NoteBook (2 Panels).
This compile great but when I run It say: "Gtk-SomeOtherShit Can't find 
IS_CHILD" someone have this error or can prove? Thanks again


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