[Gtk-sharp-list] pixbuf-demo; This one works

Philip Van Hoof spamfrommailing@freax.org
29 Apr 2003 12:40:23 +0200

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> You won that one ;) I noticed it as well.

I attached a new fix. I forgot to change a line in the last fix

> The way you did it is a nice way to learn gtk#.
> What really amazes me somewhat is that the c# sample you wrote is so
> smooth.


> The sample should be put into cvs.

General question to the list : Why does gtk-sharp's automake-build
system not look for monodoc and if it finds it .. "auto" installs it's
documentation in the sources directory? I had to manually make && make
install it :-\ which took me a few minutes to figure out. IMHO will new
gtk-sharp developers want to see it being installed automagically.

Philip Van Hoof <me at freax dot org>

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--- /home/freax/PixbufExample.cs	2003-04-29 12:35:47.000000000 +0200
+++ PixbufExample.cs	2003-04-29 12:34:49.000000000 +0200
@@ -101,11 +101,14 @@
 				r1.width = (int) (iw * k);
 				r1.height = (int) (ih * k);
+				while ((r1.x + r1.width) > this.back_width) r1.x--;
+				while ((r1.y + r1.height) > this.back_height) r1.y--;
 					r1.x, r1.y,
 					r1.width, r1.height,
-					xpos, ypos,
+					r1.x, r1.y,
 					k, k,