[Gtk-sharp-list] Using IList for API beauty

Lee Mallabone gnome@fonicmonkey.net
24 Apr 2003 10:13:07 +0100

On Thu, 2003-04-24 at 02:21, Mike Kestner wrote:
> > > I would expect any .NET programmer to know exactly what an IList is
> > > > after very little training, but I'd also expect that most would have to
> > > > go hunting for docs to find out exactly what a GLib.SList does, (and as
> > > > it happens, they wouldn't find any yet).
> Anyway, I haven't thought any of this through enough to make sure it
> works, or if there are better solutions.  If someone wants to draft a
> proposal in detail so we can pick it apart on the list, that would be
> great.  

I think it might help if we know all the places in the Gtk# APIs where IList could/should be used in place of GLib equivalents. 
It might be more obvious then what the use cases are. I'll try and put something useful together.

I suspect that a lot of beautification can easily occur just by making GLib.[S]List implement IList and then casting GLib list return values to an IList.