[Gtk-sharp-list] About Gtk# design

Lee Mallabone gnome@fonicmonkey.net
24 Apr 2003 09:05:22 +0100

On Wed, 2003-04-23 at 18:15, yoros@wanadoo.es wrote:

> I think that we need to redesign Gtk#. I think that we need two versions
> of Gtk#: one identical to Gtk+ and other with very changes in the
> design.

What benefits do you get from a "raw" Gtk+ binding that is not present in the existing binding? As far as I can tell, all you get is a binding that would stick rigidly to the Gtk+ API, for its own sake.
It's not clear from your post what the benefits are of having a Gtk+ binding in C# that doesn't integrate well into the .NET framework.