[Gtk-sharp-list] Re: gtk-sharp on .NET

Jae Stutzman jae@stutzman.net
12 Apr 2003 10:47:26 -0500

I too have been able to get GTK# to run under .NET. In fact the test
sample "WidgetViewer" works for the most part. There are a few little
things that don't work (ie the TestColorSelection and TestToolbar) but
all I did was bring the .cs files into a blank VS.NET workspace and
compile with the GTK# and .NET references. There were a few compiler
errors at first because somethings got renamed since the sample was
written (like the fsbutton). I used the GTK# 0.8 windows installer plus
the two files from Mono ("iconv.dll" and "libintl-1.dll")

Version 0.8 does not have the Wimp included, right? I installed
"Workrave" which does use the Wimp...and boy does it look good under

I've done this several times over the last 6 months...this is the first
time it actually worked for me. I believe that the GTK# toolkit has a
bright future for cross-platform gui.

Jae Stutzman <jae@stutzman.net>