[Gtk-sharp-list] About GConf and Mono

George Farris george@gmsys.com
18 Apr 2003 08:54:56 -0700

I used GConf in my gfax project (gfax.cowlug.org) and it was great to
use and easy to learn.  The root thing is a good thing.  We don't want
anyone without the proper privileges installing software.  I've been
there with windows 95,98,ME and it's not good.

I believe if you are writing software then writing a schema isn't a big
deal but that is only opinion.

What sort of custom types are you thing about?

On Thu, 2003-04-17 at 21:18, Pablo Baena wrote:
> I was thinking today about GConf and Gtk#. GConf is difficult to use
> in these respects:
> * You have to create a GConf schema (learn how to make one)
> * you have to run gconf-schemagen over it
> * it is tricky to store custom types on it
> * finally you have to have root priviledges to install the schema
> I am thinking on removing GConf use on my project because of these
> reasons. You can tell whatever you like of the Windows registry, but
> it certainly is MUCH easier to use.
> Besides, I don't  want to be obligated to have administrator
> priviledges to install my app anywhere. That is not the .NET way to
> deploy applications. If you don't have global libraries to install,
> why should you be obligated to be admin for anything?
> What do you think about it?
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