ColorSelection bug fixes (was Re: [Gtk-sharp-list] problem marshalling struct data)

Mike Kestner
13 Apr 2003 13:35:09 -0500

On Sat, 2003-04-12 at 08:08, Lee Mallabone wrote:

> I've attached patches that fix up bugs in ColorSelection. They make
> PaletteFromString() and PaletteToString have good method signatures as
> well as making PreviousColor a single property. This resolves bugs
> #27835 & #38672.

> Okay to commit?

Looks good, please commit.  Thanks.

> I've also attached ColorSample.cs which is actually a visual test that
> things work. I could probably turn this into an NUnit test without too
> much trouble. Does Gtk# have a framework/suite setup for NUnit tests? If
> not, is this worth putting on cvs anywhere, (it crashes without my
> patches, works correctly with them).

We don't have any Gtk# unit tests. Not sure if there are any Graphical
Unit testing frameworks available as free software yet.

Mike Kestner <>