[Gtk-sharp-list] GdkKeySyms Missing - Hackers wanted

Charles Iliya Krempeaux charles@reptile.ca
11 Apr 2003 15:49:01 -0700


Just in case anyone feels like doing some Gtk# hacking.

The contents of "gdk/gdkkeysyms.h" are NOT being automatically

Thus (if someone feels like doing some hacking) either make it
so the parser does automatically wrap this too.  Or, create a
file called "gdk/KeySymbol.cs" and fill it with an enum that
contains all the stuff in "gdk/gdkkeysyms.h".  I.e., make
something like:

    namespace Gdk {

        public enum KeySymbol
        { VoidSymbol = 0xFFFFFF
        , BackSpace  = 0xFF08
        , Tab        = 0xFF09
        , Linefeed   = 0xFF0A

        // You fill in the rest of it here.


    } // namespace Gdk

See ya

     Charles Iliya Krempeaux, BSc

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