[Gtk-sharp-list] Demo application wanted

rick@vanosten.net rick@vanosten.net
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 17:10:17 +0200

I am struggeling quite a bit with gtk#: (a) lots of failed GTK-assertion 
I cannot resolve, and (b) things I simply do not know. I know about the 
sample apps that come with gtk-sharp and the ImageViewer on the webpage, 
but they are not comprehensive enough. And the gtk and gtkmm tutorials 
and api references not always help.

Therefore: does anybody have a more comprehensive application, that is 
being written in c#/gtk# (e.g. with AccelGroup, different views in same 
window, derived widgets, change of cursor). I would love to learn by 
reading code. Maybe all the problems I have with GTK-assertions are just 
due to the fact that I do not understand GTK? I do not want to open new 
bugs (besides 30024), before I can "exclude" bugs in my application.

Thank ... Rick

PS: I cannot write the proposed tutorial before I get my own application 
working ;-)