[Gtk-sharp-list] Glade# and resources.

Ricardo Fernández Pascual rfp1@ono.com
12 Sep 2002 20:38:29 +0200

El jue, 12-09-2002 a las 20:01, Miguel de Icaza escribió:
> Hey guys,
>     In the .NET universe you can "embed" into your executable resources
> files, like for instance the .glade files, could we add a constructor
> that would allow a developer to load the glade file from its resource?


> With this we can ship a standalone .exe file, and not worry about the
> installation prefix or how to locate our data files: everything can be
> embedded into the executable.

I knew this could be done but didn't knew where to start ;)

I will do this.
(Once bug #30235 is fixed, because I can't compile glade# until then)

Ricardo Fernández Pascual
Murcia. España.