[Gtk-sharp-list] autoconnection of signals in glade

Ricardo Fernández Pascual rfp1@ono.com
07 Sep 2002 14:13:37 +0200

El vie, 06-09-2002 a las 20:21, Paolo Molaro escribió:
> On 09/06/02 Ricardo Fernández Pascual wrote:
> > El vie, 06-09-2002 a las 18:56, Miguel de Icaza escribió:
> > > We are looking for a test case.  Can you produce one, and post it to
> > > bugzilla.ximian.com?
> > 
> > Done: http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=29977
> Fixed in cvs.
> I'd would like to note, though, that the code can only work when
> the calling application has high privileges, because it's trying to
> access a private method from another class (and possibly from another
> assembly, too). Don't take that for granted when we'll actually enforce
> the security constraints in mono.
> The code used to work because until my changes the bindingflags in
> GetMethod() were not considered.

Ahh, right. That means that it would have worked if the methods had been
declared as public? 

I think that this is a reasonable constraint (in C, in order to use
autoconnection you can't declare the functions as static, so we are in a
similar situation). I preferred to have them private, but I don't think
it is a very big problem.

However, when I tested the program mono crashed (dumped core). I think
that this shouldn't happen, even if the program were incorrect. It
should at most throw an exception.

Thank you for looking at this.

Ricardo Fernández Pascual
Murcia. España.