[Gtk-sharp-list] Wrapping GStreamer

Pokey the Penguin pokey@linuxmail.org
25 Oct 2002 05:54:08 +0100

I had a first stab at wrapping gstreamer using the Gtk# parser/codegen
tools today. 

I'm using
http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/gstreamer/gstreamer-0.4.1.tar.gz with
this line in .sources: 

gstreamer-0.4.1/gst Gst gstreamer-0.4.1 

When it comes to compiling, there are a few problems that remain: 

        * Some variables are named as C# keywords like 'fixed'

        * The generator generates several properties with set accessors
          (in Element.cs and Pad.cs) that try to make use of objects
          that have not been declared. One would expect them to use
          'value'. For example, in Pad.cs:
                /// <summary> BufferpoolFunction Property </summary> 
                /// <remarks> To be completed </remarks> 
                public Gst.PadBufferPoolFunction BufferpoolFunction { 
                        set { 
bufpool_wrapper = null; 
                                bufpool_wrapper = new
GtkSharp.GstPadBufferPoolFunctionWrapper (bufpool); 
    The compiler, of course, complains: 
./Pad.cs(435) error CS0103: The name `bufpool' could not be found in
./Pad.cs(436) error CS0103: The name `value_wrapper.NativeDelegate'
could not be 
found in `Gst.Pad' 

This is the farthest I could get with my knowledge of the Gtk# code
generator. Any idea how to proceed? Maybe one of the Gtk# developers
would like to take over from here. Thanks! 

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