[Gtk-sharp-list] Installing GTK# on Mandrake 9.0

Mark Derricutt mark@talios.com
11 Oct 2002 10:38:56 +1300

On Fri, 2002-10-11 at 10:31, Carlos Kassab wrote:

> Scribble.cs(33) error CS0029: Cannot convert implicitly from
> `Gdk.EventMask' to `int'
> Scribble.cs(33) error CS0019: Operator | cannot be applied to operands
> of type `int' and `Gdk.EventMask'
> Compilation failed: 2 error(s), 0 warnings

I was just about to post about this with regards to my RH7.3 machine. 
Hopefully someone will point out something we're missing, or a patch,
I'd love to start playing with Gtk#.