[Gtk-sharp-list] Gnome# and cls compliance (or Gnome.Net instead of Gnome#)

Sylvain Pasche sylvain.pasche@camptocamp.com
Tue, 1 Oct 2002 19:52:39 +0200

Hello all,

I wanted to know to which level were the gnome# libs (gtk#, pango#,
...) cls compliant.
I know that for now, we only have the c# compiler ready, but I was
wondering: The day when other languages compiler will be available,
will they be able to use all gnome# libraries ?

One major benefit of .net is the language independance, but if every
wrapping libraries are named XX# or XXsharp, I think this will bring a
lot of confusion when a user is going to use these libraries inside
his Jscript/VB/python.net program (as far as the library in question
is cls compliant).